David Conte

David Conte
  • 0398242777

Bachelor Business (Banking & Finance), Adv Dip Financial Services, Certified Financial Planner

Authorised Representative No. 1243350

My career in the financial services industry began over a decade ago, in the midst of the global financial crisis. As the years have gone on I have continued my professional development by completing the Certified Financial Planner course through the Financial Planning Association (FPA). I view my ongoing education to be paramount in my professional development as it will provide me with the knowledge to continue to best serve our clients.

My role as the Associate Adviser of Calibre Private Wealth Advisers (CPWA) is to work closely with the Principal Adviser, co-ordinate the ongoing management of our team, and be a point of contact for all of our clients.

The holistic approach we undertake at CPWA provides our clients with the surety that their financial affairs are in the safest hands to achieve their short and long term personal and professional goals.

The favourite part of role is it allows me to assist our clients in achieving their financial goals and educate them along the way. This provides me with a great sense of fulfilment and achievement as I can see the positive impact I am making on their lives.

Outside of the professional environment I enjoy nothing more than spending time with my family and friends. I have travelled to most corners of the world and relish experiencing the world’s many different cultures.

As many may know I am a passionate football (soccer) fan – up all hours of the night watching live matches from Europe – and can speak for hours on end about all aspects of ‘the world game’.

“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious”.
– Albert Einstein