Choosing a Financial Adviser: Time to ‘Get in the Pool’

As Agatha Christie once said “The secret to getting ahead is getting started”. In our experience many successful people are not as confident as they should be about their financial future.So why is it the case that they often let the years drift by without ever developing and implementing a plan to maximise the probability of achieving what is most important to them – so they can be more confident about their financial future ?

Wealth creates opportunity and complexity in equal measure.

Investment decisions are complex and financial goals are often a little abstract and years away – all of which make it easier to put other things first . Because of this “tyranny of the present “ ,financial needs for the future seldom rise to the top of the priority list today for busy professional people . They are stuck somewhere between ideas and action

If this applies to you – you take some comfort in knowing you are certainly not alone . Many individuals and families wrestle with the same matter

But here is the problem:

Thinking about your financial goals, thinking about gathering your financial documents, understanding why you may need to have a plan for your family and considering whether you’re going to try do all this yourself or work with an adviser – will not help you achieve your financial goals and fulfill your most important values – unless you follow through and take some action

Do any of these common statements resonate with you or you have heard them from a family member, friend or colleague ?


I am too busy making money to worry about what to do with the money I’ve made

 I just don’t have the time to think about what’s next

 I start to think about what is “next” for me and then I put it aside—for lots of reasons.

 I feel like I am “sitting” on my wealth.

 I have a sense that I could be doing “more” but I cannot quantify it.

 Regardless of my significant net worth, I don’t really consider myself wealthy.

 I am starting to feel like my wealth owns me rather than the other way around.



I have a will but I am not really sure if my family is protected—today or into the future.

 I have a mountain of estate planning documents but I don’t really know if they accomplish my intent.

 I have concerns about my wealth’s impact on my family but I have not shared those concerns.

 My significant other has concerns as well— but I don’t know if they are the same.

 It has been a while since we talked about “what ifs” for our family—the good and the bad.

 I don’t want my wealth to spoil my children—but I don’t know how to definitively prevent that.

 I do want to use my wealth to positively motivate my children—but I’m not sure how to make this happen.

 I want to use my wealth to help my extended family— but I don’t know how to do this in a fair, equitable and affordable way.

 How to move beyond ideas to action – align your wealth with your life

If you see yourself in any of the above statements , you may be stuck somewhere in this world between ideas and action ………. and maybe its finally time to do something about it

Like most things in life and in business , implementation is where all the results come from and your family’s financial security and peace of mind is no different . Put very simply ,the key steps in this process are to firstly develop a written ,personalised strategy that aligns with your most important goals and secondly ; make sure this strategy actually gets implemented and regularly reviewed over time

Calibre Private Wealth Advisers is here to help our clients’ friends ,family and colleagues discover what they really want from their wealth

Through our unique and valuable Discovery Process, we can help inspire you to help take that all important next step beyond ideas to action and help light a new path towards the achievement of what is most important to you.

Maybe its time to get in the pool?

For more information please read further on the Calibre Second Opinion Service or contact our office on 03 9824 2777.

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